Reinventing Bakareta

Very versatile dish, eat it anyway you want

Here is something that I had made up in the kitchen a while back. If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe even the kids would enjoy,  I recommend this recipe. It is also very versatile that you can eat it with pasta, bread, or rice whichever you prefer. You can have this as a main dish, an appetizer, or a beer side dish. I have to warn you though that this will be a very rich recipe, and can be very heavy on the stomach.

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Mestiza Maja Blanca

Putting them in small glasses like these is perfect for gatherings

Christmas season is once again here, and celebrating it the Filipino style is always the best. As the neighbors have already started blasting Christmas Songs out of their karaoke systems, you can definitely tell Christmas is nearing from the cold winds and the special food that comes out only during the holidays.

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Getting to Know Hors d’oeuvre

A very interesting addition to your appetizer menu

Looking for healthy  Hors D’ouvres to serve during gatherings? There are really quite a handful of suggestions to look at. But most of the time, it tends to be very heavy that people already lost appetite in time for the main course to be served. So here is a good choice for those who would want to taste just a little bit of healthy food this time.

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How Do they Do It? Papa Ching’s Greaseless Fried Chicken


Whenever we wanted to eat Grease less Fried Chicken, only one restaurant pops up in my mind instantly. Papa Ching’s Restaurant.

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A Spectacular Baking Experience

I was very happy when Chef Sime and Ma’am Chiara said that these were the best in class. Photo by: sir Jay de Vera

One of the best days of my life as a foodie came when I was given a chance to enroll in a baking workshop at Gourmet Bites, the culinary arm of Saint Dominic Savio Business and Technical College. Having considered myself more as a cook rather than a baker, I had almost given up hope for baking as I throw each failed batch of recipe away. One of my most disappointing attempts were baking home-made doughnuts that turned out like giant calamari, and the epic fail of the solid rock brownies.

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