A Daily Dose of Happiness

Are you feeling a little bit sloppy today? Want to recharge with a drink? I know just the place to lift those good  ol’ blues. Advertisements

Gelatomania: Ice Cream as Italians Do

I will tell you a secret. Italians could easily spot a good Gelato even without tasting it. But for Filipinos especially Davaoeños like us, we need a second, or even a third serving to confirm whether what we are eating is really good. But worry no more because you’ll learn how to in a few […]

West Empire Chinese Restaurant and Seafood Garden: Davao’s Chinese Fine Dining

Allow yourself to be treated like royalty. Sit down, relax and receive zen in your being. Experience the calm before the storm.

Picnicking at Clawdaddy’s

Having a mom who’s born and raised in Agusan del Norte gave me the opportunity to enjoy two things: Crabs and Shrimps. I could even recall the laugh we have during those times we would know of crabs who were able to escape the pot, never to be seen or heard of again. Crabs and […]