My longtime romance with food started when I was about 6 years old. I learned to cook in my father’s hometown of Sta. Maria Davao del Sur using a traditional wok built into a cemented furnace using wood as its source of fire. (aka: “Pugon”). The first dish I ever perfected is the Pancit Canton.

I never lost interest in cooking since then. I too, had my share of cuts, burns and bruises and I proudly bear them out as my “badges of experience”.

Over the years, I was able to develop a keen sense of flavor where I could breakdown and name the ingredients used by tasting it. There are times that I would frequent a restaurant and try to cook the same dish that I like back home. My cooking skills also upgraded as I learn culinary techniques from chef friends and most of the cooking shows on television.

For me, cooking is happiness. It gives me inner peace when I am cooking. It is like my special tranquilizer for my ever noisy brain. The fulfillment it gives is exceptional too. Seeing friends, family or even strangers appreciate my cooking is the best compliment that I could ever receive.

So please do come for a second serving or two, ill be putting in the best of Planet Gastronomica has to offer.

Happy Eating!