Reinventing Bakareta

Very versatile dish, eat it anyway you want

Here is something that I had made up in the kitchen a while back. If you are looking for a quick and easy recipe even the kids would enjoy,  I recommend this recipe. It is also very versatile that you can eat it with pasta, bread, or rice whichever you prefer. You can have this as a main dish, an appetizer, or a beer side dish. I have to warn you though that this will be a very rich recipe, and can be very heavy on the stomach.

I got the inspiration cooking this dish from our traditional Beef Caldereta and the Filipino-style  Spaghetti sauce. I wanted to see what the effect would be if  I fuse both recipes and substitute some ingredients to make an entirely new dish. Excited to try? Here’s what you will be needing:

1/2 Kilo of Beef Tenderloin cut into cubes

1pc Medium white onion diced

1pc Medium Bell Pepper diced

1 pc Lemon Soda (SPRITE sakto or in can)

10pcs Purefoods Tenderjuicy Hotdog sliced diagonally

1 Big Pack Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce

1 small pack tomato paste

1 block Eden cheese grated

Salt, pepper, sugar to taste.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Sautee onion in butter/margarine /oil for a few minutes until onion is clear. Add in the bell pepper too.  Put in Beef Tenderloin Cubes and continue to sautee until beef changes color
  2. Pour lemon soda to sautéed beef and simmer until liquid has dried up stirring occasionally (low fire. add water until beef is fork tender)
  3. When there is a few liquid left, add hotdogs and stir until it has turned bright red.
  4. Add in Spaghetti Sauce and tomato paste and mix until the tomato paste is evenly incorporated in the sauce
  5. Season with salt, pepper and sugar to desired level of taste.  You are looking for a sweet-spicy taste for this one
  6. Add Eden Cheese and mix until melted.
  7. Take out from the stove, serve, and enjoy

Let me know if this recipe has worked out for you. Remember this is a versatile recipe that you can either make it sweet for the kids, a little on the peppery side if you are looking to serve it as a beer match. A little salty if you wanted it on bread. You can also opt to add in vegetables like potato and carrots, or dilute the sauce entirely by adding more water. The possibilities are endless 😀

So here it is, your RE-invented BakaReta! 😀


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