Everyday Fiesta


It was a long overdue invite, and this time I was just happy that schedules were kind and accommodating. Ms. Ria Jose of (www.riajose.com) send a text invite via dear friend Ms. Jojie Alcantara (www.dabawenya.me) For a trip to Digos City. Our primary itinerary was food tasting from Digos’ new restaurant, Fiesta Sorpresa.

Housed in a screened pavilion type structure, Fiesta Sorpresa serves all time favorite Filipino delicacies at very reasonable prices. If you are a traveler en route to Davao del Sur, Fiesta Sorpresa is very accessible since it is located along Digos’ main highway.

We were greeted at the door with no less than the dynamic proprietors of the establishment, Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Jenny Echano. We were ushered to a very long table (a tradition in most feasts during eating time) and in less than a minute, food came parading in.

First in our meal was a bowl of warm Sinampalukan na Manok. What’s special about this soup is that ingredients are harvested fresh from the restaurant’s backyard. This guaranteed the freshness and authenticity of the taste.

Crispy tenga (Deep Fried Pig’s Ears)

Next, it was the appetizer’s turn to enter the scene. We were served with a hearty serving of Crispy Tenga back to back with Crispy Chicken Wings which definitely opened our appetite.

Chicken Wings

We had a 5-course meal which showcased Ilocos’ Bagnet, Bicol’s Pride Laing, Filipino Chinatown’s Humba, Spanish-Mexican’s Rellenong Bangus, and Pampanga’s Kare-Kare. Together with unlimited rice, and our choice drinks, this island inspired culinary tour  definitely made our lunch time complete.



After a few chat and some exciting exchange of ideas for future promotion, we bid adieu to our generous guests with the promise to spread the word of this new restaurant located along Rizal Avenue, Brgy. San Jose, Digos City. If you love or enjoy native Filipino Delicacies, then you are in for a treat at Fiesta  Sorpresa.

My Personal favorite… Humba… so saucy!



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