Two Of A Kind

Bake and Churn's Premium Dome Chocolate Cake in Rocky Road

Have you those times where you get confused in getting whichever of the two: Ice Cream or Cake?

Well, you’re not alone at that. Do you remember when most of the time the cake wins, since the ice cream tub is too big for the freezer to fit in? Or do you remember when you have to settle for the pint-sized ice cream, or Pinipig Bars perhaps just to satisfy that craving?

Now worry no more.  Bake and Churn is what we have been praying for since.  Yes, you are right in what you are thinking. It is cake plus ice cream all in one. Imagine having to sink your teeth in foamy cake with yummy ice cream filling in the middle. Now that tastes really, really good.

(L-R) Ube Roll, Chocolate Roll

Now, let’ s just say that you are watching out for increased calories with the big cakes, then I suggest why not try the rolls instead. Fashioned after the traditional rolled cakes, the jam filling is replaced by a layer of ice cream. It comes in three flavors. Ube, chocolate, and the one absent in the photo is Mocha Caramel.

Cookies and Cream

Shall we raise your sweet tooth craving another notch higher? I would like to present other premium delectable cakes they have that might get your interest. Who would resist the sight of Cookies and Cream as both a cake and an ice cream? This flavor, originally used for milkshakes became an instant ice cream hit for Oreo Chocolate Cookie lovers and Vanilla Ice Cream lovers. In fact, it became top 5 of the most loved ice cream flavors in 1983, and has kept that ranking ever since.

By the way, did I mention that their ice cream is made out of milk rather than prepared cream? Now that’s adding healthier ingredients that could work best for those who need a dose of calcium in their bodies.

Just so when the day comes that you are in the mood to satisfy your craving for sweets, I suggest to drop by their stall. They are located at the ground floor of SM City Davao , just a few steps away from the supermarket and department store entrance.

They also have the following flavors available:

Blueberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Mousse

Chilly Cups


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