Chicken by Kookel’s Kwik Kooking

Have you noticed how Davao City is now becoming like a “Chicken City”? It seems  like wherever you go and look, there are lots of kiosks, carts, corners offering one  thing and one thing only CHICKEN.

Aside from the fact that chicken supply is abundant, it is very much easy to cook and economical.  A whole chicken would normally yield about 8 sliced parts which easily feeds a family of 4-8 for just a cost of say around 120 Pesos. This is already quite a feast if you ask me. The simplest recipe one could make is definitely fried chicken. Which again, we see from lots of fried chicken shops around the city at 20-25 pesos with rice set.

By way of opening the subject about Chicken, the first statement that I would like to make about it is that my favorite way of cooking chicken is roasted. In our  terms we call it LECHON MANOK. I like it for two reasons: it has been pre-marinated which means that it is full of flavor when you cook it, and it is grilled which means that it is healthier than its fried version.

I have also been a loyal customer to only ONE Lechon Manok store in Davao and that is KOOKEL’S. They have a lot of kiosk around the city. But I preferred to get mine at Kookel’s Kwik Kooking Restaurant along Bangkal (in front of Makro). It is never hassle to wait for your own chicken since you know that it is freshly cooked, and COOKED PROPERLY (I don’t like seeing blood when I cut the chicken) In case you would want to dine in their restaurant, they have both air-conditioned  and open air dining areas and a bar/function junction for the more private gatherings. The service is also fast on medium-number crowd and the place is clean.

Aside from the chicken, I also like their PANCIT LAURIAT which is like Pancit Guisado using fresh Miki. This definitely is my power chaser to my Lechon Manok. I have yet to try other food on their menu, but I heard from Liempo Addicts that their Lechon Liempo is equally as good as their Lechon Manok. Other favorites include Sizzling Sisig, Bulalo, and their barbeque Medley.

So, should I expect your visit to Kookel’s anytime soon? Hope you share my taste experience, and please do tell the charming owner Ms. Maritess Nartatez that you’ve heard it from me. Gotta go and grab myself some LECHON MANOK from Kookel’s! Yebah!


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