Eat’s A Wonderful World

Who says authentic has to be expensive? Ironic it may seem, sometimes this cliché also finds its truth in a lot of things… Unexpectedly.

When it comes to dining out, I normally eat “where the road leads” me to. this is how I discover a lot of new and exciting food that I share. This time, I was led to a little shop by the name of Yurushi along R. Magsaysay Street. At first glance, I thought that it was the out-of-the-ordinary karinderya (local cafeteria) that serves lutong-bahay (home-made) delicacies. As to the ambiance, my first impression is not so favorable. It looks like an old pawnshop-turned-diner.  but screw the ambiance, I’m hungry and that’s all that matters to me at that time.

This two-storey food chain has its secret. The menu. Handed to me in a colorful ink jet printed paper pressed inside a humble long folder with plastic covering. As I scan for possible choices, I noticed that it is a mix of two worlds ; Filipino and Japanese food. Of course, the obvious choice would be Japanese food, I can cook Filipino food everyday of my life. Japanese I’ve  got to taste.

I ordered for Katsudon (Php 65.00), Yakisoba (Php 35.00) and ordinary soup (Php10.00) Since the diner stools were all occupied, I was ushered to the 2nd floor where the waitresses proudly declares “Ma’am our second floor has videoke, where you can sing while you wait for your food.” I was smiling when I heard this while picturing myself acting like a crazy karaoke diva until food arrives a la pizza delivery style and is announced loudly to the public. Well at least it is JAPANESE FOOD.

It lived up to its name, my Katsudon really tastes like Katsudon in all angles. What I instantly loved about it is that it retained its crunchy state, and is not drenched in soy sauce-mirin concoction.  The Tonkatsu used is also soft and fork tender. I especially like how chewy it is when you munch it. The rice is steamed right and the food was smoking hot upon delivery. A clear indication that it was cooked upon order.

I consumed the whole bowl in less than 10 minutes. I was satisfied, but amazingly it didn’t give me an excessive feeling of fullness. I was still able to gulp in lots of liquids. I loved how my dinner went. And definitely, definitely I am coming back to Yurushi anyway I have a Katsudon craving. I tell you it is one authentic Japanese food that you must try.

Oh before I forget, I also glanced upon the owner,  a Japanese man sitting behind the counter. The next time I come back, I have to compliment him for a very good job in training the cook. This time I know I can forgo with the ambiance, because I’m not paying for it.  I’m going back for the food. Authentic, simple, no frills, simply delicious.


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