Crazy Over Ice Scramble

We all had it as a kid. I remember buying from Manong outside the walls of Stella Maris during my elementary years. As I was growing up, it disappeared out of nowhere. Not till early April of this year, I got acquainted to it again. Its commercial version. And I am in heaven once more.

Here’s a little trivia about me, I’m nuts about street food. Despite the repeated and resonating warnings of Cholera, E-choli, and Amoeba; that did not stop me from buying food on the streets everyday of my school years.

One of my staple favorites on a hot and tiring school day was the ICE SCRAMBLE or ISKRAMBOL as we used to call it. I also had fun watching how it was made too. Manong takes his tipasi-covered (rice grain husk) ice block, and proceeds to grind it in his mechanical ice crusher.  He then makes a whole in the center and adds in the milk (1 big can evaporated milk), then banana flavoring, vanilla flavoring, sugar then a few drops of red coloring to achieve that baby pink color. Takes it under his mechanical whip, and a few turns of the lever and voila! A new batch of iskrambol is ready to serve.

Traditionally, this was served in a RECYCLED CHICKIES AND PATIES OR COKE OR PEPSI CUPS (16OZ). I usally wonder how they are able to get these cups, although the most obvious reason would be from the trash. But again that did not seem to bother me at all while I was eating it inside the jeepney on the way home.  This delectable pink milk shake with a scoop of skim milk and strawberry syrup on top is already a treat to a student with a meager allowance of P20.00/day

Today, there are already lots of Scramble franchises available to the public, say HEPA-FREE. I especially like the one at NCCC Mall Ma-a mainly because I can chew the ice. It still has the same street food like taste that I used to enjoy, only now that you have more toppings to choose from apart from the regular skim milk and syrup. But still I like the classic one. The way it used to be.  So the next time I’m at NCCC, you know where to find me first. I’d be happy to trade my childhood memories over a cold cup of Scramble 😀


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