A Daily Dose of Happiness

Happy Lemon's Creative Tea Drinks

Happy Lemon’s Creative Tea Drinks

Are you feeling a little bit sloppy today? Want to recharge with a drink? I know just the place to lift those good  ol’ blues.
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Gelatomania: Ice Cream as Italians Do

Look what  all that I ate today!

Look what all that I ate today!

I will tell you a secret. Italians could easily spot a good Gelato even without tasting it. But for Filipinos especially Davaoeños like us, we need a second, or even a third serving to confirm whether what we are eating is really good. But worry no more because you’ll learn how to in a few minutes.

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Okonomiyaki: The Japanese Style Pizza

My friend Pauline’s birthday this year is out of the ordinary. While most birthdays will have the staple cakes, spaghetti, and finger foods, we were treated to a unique culinary experience that is literally made in Japan.

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West Empire Chinese Restaurant and Seafood Garden: Davao’s Chinese Fine Dining


Two-Way Bamboo Lobster a West Empire Specialty

Allow yourself to be treated like royalty. Sit down, relax and receive zen in your being. Experience the calm before the storm.

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Molto Delizioso Ossobuco

Yes you guessed it right. We are going Italian dining Baby! I am quite fascinated with Italian cooking because of its utter simplicity. Traditional Italian cooking normally uses only four to eight ingredients tops, and are often cooked with wine. And if you have the knack for herbs, Italian recipes are mostly utilizing herbs that add to flavor and stimulate aroma. Read along as I tell you more about this classic dish served in Northern Italy specifically, in the city of Milan  since the 19th century.

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